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Days of the Week in Maori - Nga ra o te wiki

Ngā rā o te wiki - Days of the Week in Māori. - Los Días de la semana en Maorí.

Maori English Español
Rāhina Monday lunes
Rātū Tuesday martes
Rāapa Wednesday miércoles
Rāpare Thursday jueves
Rāmere Friday viernes
Rāhoroi Saturday sábado
Rātapu Sunday domingo

The days of the week in Māori above are now the traditional / official names used (and promoted) by the Māori Language Commission. At the time of the first missionaries in New Zealand, Māori used transliterations of the English names for the days of the week. Below is a list of these names which you still may find in some texts:

Notice how the Māori word often sounds similar to its English version. These were the names that were learnt at school (before 1990). Since then the official names have been taught.

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How to ask what day it is in Māori

There are two main ways of asking what day it is in Māori:

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Ngā rā o te wiki - Māori days of the week Flash Cards / Wall Charts

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