Māori Culture and Language


This is a cultural resources site for those interested in learning more about the Māori culture and language.

This site is run and maintained by a member of the Kapa Haka group in Santiago, Chile.

Here you will find a list of Māori songs that we perform with their English and Spanish translations. An example can be seen here: E Te Ariki

We have started to create some pages where you can learn the Māori Language starting from the basics.

We have some Māori Proverbs with their translations.

There is also a page with a detailed description about how to make a Traditional Māori Hangi. (We have made quite a few of them here in Santiago).

Nau Mai, Haeri Mai - Welcome

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Maori Language

A beginner's guide to learning the Māori Language starting from the basics.


How to Make a Hangi

A step-by-step guide to preparing a hāngi - a traditional Māori style of cooking.


Whakatauki - Proverbs

A list of Whakataukī (Māori Proverbs) with an explanation of their meaning in English.

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